A Favorite Book For Halloween

All of the therapists at Building BLOCS get excited when October rolls around. The temperature in Texas starts getting bearable, and it symbolizes the start of the holiday season. Halloween, in particular, is one of the best holidays to work with children because there are so many activities to do with kids–most of them messy, tasty, and fun.

One of our favorite books to read during this time is The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams. This book is great because it has everything–repetitive and simple language, onomatopoeias, and a touch of suspense. It also addresses a lot of concepts. We get to talk about body parts, clothing, emotions, sounds, and movements, and it’s a great opportunity for sequencing and acting out the story. The kids love taking turns with the props–making two shoes go “clomp clomp” or one scary pumpkin head go “Boo!”

What’s your favorite Halloween book?


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  1. Vicki Rice

    The little old lady who was not afraid of anything is MY fave halloween book, too!
    Your body of work is very impressive. Very inspiring!
    Vicki Rice

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