What Our Families Say

Read here what some of our former clients have said about their experience at Building BLOCS:

“Their enthusiasm in learning about new challenges and their willingness to listen and creatively adapt as needed is so appreciated by our whole family. It has been the support of this team that, more than anything else, has carried us through the darkest moments of the past 13 months and helped us create new hopes and dreams for our little girl.”

“We are so grateful to the therapists at Building Blocs. Our son began therapy there when he was 3 in 2010. He was non-verbal when he started.  He is now verbal and doing well. Their early intervention program is amazing. I cannot imagine where we would be with his progress without them.  I would recommend them whole heartedly.”


“I am so incredibly thankful that I found Building Blocs. I have two children on the Autism Spectrum and they both attend Building Blocs. The comprehensive program that the center offers is exactly what my children need and receive. The caring professionals there offer tailored learning plans for each child, based on their own particular needs. Data is collected daily on the needs and progress of the children. Every single day the professionals provide you with feedback as to how your child did, what worked, how to incorporate it at home, and they develop creative learning plans for each child.”

“My other name for the staff at Building BLOCs are “The Miracle Workers”.  My son was in the early intervention program there and he progressed so much that we went from being told by doctors that he would not start Kinder on time/ he would not be able to make it in a main stream class to him not only starting Kinder on time, but without any special educational services and is thriving.”

“My daughter started at Building BLOCS in the fall of 2010, and the progress she has made during the last three years is nothing short of miraculous. Prior to starting at BLOCS she had seen a different speech therapist for a year with zero progress, but after switching to Building BLOCS she began building her vocabulary within just a handful of sessions.”

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