Sleep Training

Sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Sleep supports growth and development in children and research has shown sleep affects immune health, cognitive functioning, and metabolism and can play a role in decreasing the risk of chronic disease. Yet, problems with sleeping are prevalent, affecting up to 50% of children at some point in their childhood and affecting up to as high as 80% of children with special needs.

Building BLOCS wants to help your child get better sleep! We offer sleep consulting that looks at your child’s specific sleep difficulties and then uses a research-based behavioral approach to address these concerns.

Our approach focuses on helping the child complete their bedtime routine, fall asleep independently, and stay asleep for a good night’s rest.

Our sleep consulting includes the following:

  1. Sleep Assessment– You will complete a sleep diary and meet virtually with a consultant for 60 minutes for an interview to discuss your child’s sleep difficulties.
  2. Sleep Plan– Based on your assessment and sleep diary information, an individualized sleep plan will be created for your child.
  3. Virtual Plan Review Meeting– We will meet virtually for 60-90 minutes to review your child’s sleep plan and discuss how to put the plan into action.
  4. Ongoing Support- Ongoing email or text support is available for up to six weeks after the start of the sleep plan.

Total Cost- $500
*If you already receive ABA therapy, your insurance may cover this service.

If you are interested in starting sleep consulting for your child or would like more information
about the process, please contact us.

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