Special Education and the IEP Process

We are starting a new virtual learning series at Building BLOCS–Lunch and Learn. Join us on Thursdays as we explore topics that our families consistently ask about–potty training, sleep routines, challenging behaviors, and more. This week we’re starting with an introduction to Special Education and the IEP process.

In this presentation, we will break down IEPs, assessments, and ARDs and take you through the basics of what you need to know.  We will discuss:

  • how to request an assessment, 
  • your rights and roles as parents,  
  • general timelines,
  • what to expect,
  • and the meaning behind all the acronyms you will hear, e.g., IEP, BIP, FBA, FERPA, ARD, LRE….

We will provide handouts/slides to participants. Lunch and Learn


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