October Activity Ideas


PumpkinHooray! It’s October. This is my absolute favorite month of the year to work with children. There are so many activities that go along with this theme.  I have a calendar full of great ideas for fun home activities.

These things are simple (most of them should take no more than 15 minutes), but they’re a great way for you to use the same language at home that we’ll be using in the center. Plus your kids will love doing different and special activities with you. Every time you do one of the activities, have your child color a pumpkin on the coloring page (or put an X, a sticker, etc.) Bring it back to Building BLOCS at the end of the month with at least 12 pumpkins complete, and your child gets a prize. (I will have printed copies of the calendar and coloring sheets at the center.) To see the things we’ll be doing in the center, visit our October Pinterest board.

We will also be practicing Trick-or-Treating in the center this month. If you’d like your child to practice wearing his/her costume for extended periods of time, send it in, clearly labeled, and we’ll practice wearing it.

Also a couple of reminders about this month–October 14th is a holiday, and Building BLOCS will be closed. Building BLOCS will also be closed for professional development on Thursday, October 24th. Also, Christie should be back from maternity leave next week. She and Cordelia came by today, and they are both precious and doing very well.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.


October Parent Activities (1)
October Family Activities
Pumpkin Patch Coloring
Color one pumpkin for each activity you complete with your child.

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