Meet our Team: Dania Prieto

1. Give a little background information about yourself: 

I was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Austin, Texas. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. Recently, I was accepted into the University of North Texas where I will be working towards a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

2. What brought you in to this field? 

After graduating from UT, I decided to take a year off school and focus on gaining more work experience. Through an extensive google search for potential jobs in speech therapy, I stumbled into the field of ABA therapy. Upon further research, I felt convinced that ABA and speech therapy form an interdependent relationship. For example, by way of decreasing challenging behaviors through appropriate reinforcements, a child can concentrate their attention on more suitable ways to communicate. I’m so excited to be able to use what I have learned as an ABA therapist and apply it throughout my future career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

3. What are some favorite parts about your job? 

I love my job because it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s a privilege to be able to play, or “work”, with some of the most intelligent children I’ve ever met. At the same time, I get to help them meet their receptive and expressive language, cognitive, and social goals. I’m always in awe at how quickly the kids accomplish certain goals and acquire new skills. I may be a lot more excited than they are when they finally master a matching/sorting goal, for example, but any kind of success is always worth celebrating!

4. What are a couple interesting facts about yourself?

I love to cook as a way to relieve stress. I tried yoga but it didn’t stick.
I lived in Madrid, Spain for six months and got to travel to 11 countries, including Morocco. I have a ton of Disney original films in VHS. I also once dedicated a full 24 hours to watching all 8 Harry Potter films!