Meet our Team: Cayley Miles

Meet our newest BCBA, Cayley Miles! Cayley has been an ABA Therapist at Building BLOCS for the past year and a half, and on Wednesday she received her BCBA. This week, she’ll be kicking off our “Meet our Team” blog series, where therapists and speech pathologists tell you about their jobs, from their favorite activities with the children to what makes it most challenging.

Cayley first decided to pursue ABA therapy during college, when she volunteered with Jester’s Program. This program paired adults and children with disabilities with professional directors to write and perform their own musical production. While volunteering, she often heard from the participants that they enjoyed how the program empowered them to make their own decisions and express their opinions freely. As a result, says Cayley,Cayley Miles “I realized how different my world would be if other people made all of my decisions. I chose ABA therapy because I’m passionate about helping children learn more efficient ways to control and interact with their environments.” ABA can help children develop the tools to become more independent, a goal that Cayley is mindful of after her experiences with Jester’s Program.

At Building BLOCS, Cayley enjoys dancing with the children and other therapists, saying that even though she isn’t very good at it, music time is her favorite activity. It gives everyone the chance to relax and enjoy themselves, and maybe it’s her dance moves that make it even sillier and more fun.

The most challenging part of her job? The energy level she has to maintain every day! “Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up the high energy and spirits when I’m not feeling so great myself,” says Cayley. It can be hard to sing, dance, run, and play with children when you’re having a bad day, after all. But there is a silver lining: “I do find that coming to work and making myself smile and laugh really seems to turn my attitude around.”

In addition to cheering her up, Cayley also finds that her workplace is fun and supportive. Regarding her coworkers, she says, “If you need something, there’s always someone willing to help you.” Cayley’s enthusiasm and energy is certainly a valuable asset to our team as well. 

We heartily congratulate Cayley on earning her BCBA!