Early Intervention Program

During the school year, we offer a half-day program run by a behavior therapist and a speech and language pathologist. This program focuses on receptive and expressive communication, motor and verbal imitation, cognition and play skills, social skills, and decreasing challenging behaviors.

IMG_6346Upon enrollment, each child is assessed and receives a Treatment Plan based on his or her strengths and needs in the core areas listed above. Long-term goals are broken down into short-term objectives that are worked on daily in a play-based setting. Children are immersed in literacy-based, thematic units that incorporate play skills, gross and fine motor activities, dramatic play, and self-help skills. Individual lessons and activities are adapted to meet the daily objectives and short-term goals for each child. Individual speech and behavior therapy can be incorporated into his or her day.


Progress is monitored weekly and is formally reported every three months. Additionally, parents receive daily progress reports from the therapists.

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